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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Forex Traders Failure There is some Reasons

Avoid and do the Right decision

Forex trading 2013

Only 5% of investors find themselves in a quite profitable because of their trade activities, why is that? Although there is no direct answer to this eternal question, I think some of the most common reasons that cause to forex.I remember when I started trading on the Forex market, it has always seemed to just drain money from business accounts and what I did, I could not stop the leak. After years of training, a variety of books to read, attend seminars endless networking with peers, and what not, I began to see the traffic I think the reason was. This article addresses questions that any novice trader.First unrealistic expectations Too often I hear the new operators expect to earn $ 10,000 per month starting $ 1,000 of income and to top it all, they have very little experience in the trade.To be quite honest, the only good thing about this statement is that one of the objectives detailed written, but it is completely out of touch with reality and non-functional. When specific goals are necessary only goal should be realistic and reliable trader. The goal is to be based on research, as well as information on what can and can not realistically.Anyone can make huge profits for some time, it is difficult to obtain, and low risk, which takes a certain amount of knowledge and experience.Before you start to negotiate, to slow down and think about what are your goals? Are they real?No other method of trading Forex All successful investors are clearly defined and forex trading is essentially a set of rules and principles that will guide the operator to decide when to enter the market, when to exit, and how to deal with trade.This operation resulted in no clear business practices and assumptions random decisions that affect emotions. Trade is not considered trading system will always lead to huge losses.Take the time to determine how to trade. Think about it and put it in writing. Be specific and any problems that may arise during the conduct of trade counter party.Bad third discipline I hope you now have a real purpose, set goals and no real plan. The next step is to follow the plan without hesitation.This means that, taking unnecessary risks because you want to see the action! You need to decide what work, if it's fun, it's one thing, but if your business is to treat it as such. Management.A good test case was brought by the back of their chosen profession. Back-test it and prove that it is true or not, you will lose all doubt. E Music completely gone, and you know that marketing works because it is easier.Fourth no patience Forex trading is an exciting endeavor, contrary to popular belief. If you're looking for action, you might as well go to Laos Vegas - you lose money, but the explosion, while you're there.Forex trading is the search area is defined as a way to win more than you lose. Once you reach the edge and clear, or method of currency trading, or "work" is the discipline to wait patiently for the right configuration for the implementation of the plan.The fact is that Forex trading is usually quite boring. My teacher told me that if a deal is too exciting for me to do something wrong, I really do.Not five strategy money management Another very serious obstacle to overcome is a successful Forex trader to adopt and enforce strict rules of money. It is important and should be part of your marketing plan, it can make the difference between success and failure.Personally, I have to limit the risk of trade of more than 3% of your balance. This is not a job not destroy me. I think, in the end, no more than 5% over too, and this will lead to disaster. Be patient, do not try to make a fortune from a store. Forex trading is a get rich quick system. It is a lucrative career to pay handsomely for a longer period.In summary,The success of Forex trading is a very simple and logical. Although it is quite easy to advanced, hard work, common sense and a lot of discipline is required. I can assure you it is worth it. Take a look at five reasons for failure, I left, and try to solve each of them, and you will see the fruits in a short time.I am an active and profitable forex trader. I also have a coaching staff Forex.The coach is responsible for the purchases that I am happy to take a look at residence for students

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