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Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Have to Calcute Profit and Loss in Forex Trading

calculate how much actually makes a profit or loss in the transaction

Forex trading 2013

As we all know Forex Trading involves the buying and selling of currency pairs to make a profit or our transaction. But how do you calculate how much actually makes a profit or loss in the transaction? Here I would like to tell you a simple way to calculate who won or lost in the open position especially.

As an example of how to calculate the expected profit from trading on the Forex market. Suppose the current price request / demand of the currency pair EUR / USD is 2.3240/45. With the statement that you consent to the use of one euro to buy $ 2.3245 U.S. and also means that the sale of one euro you get 2.3240 U.S. dollar. Suppose you are considering buying euros and go ahead and let this matter. You buy 1 million, after payment of $ 2,324,500 and wait for the euro to appreciate.

Suppose that, after waiting for a period of time, the value of the euro appreciates and the euro is now estimated at 2.3287/90 to the U.S. dollar. Faced with this situation you are considering selling your € 1 million to the selling price of 2.3287, then get 2,328,700. Looking at the purchase price and the price you sell, there is a difference of 42 points (2.3287 to 2.3245), and the increase of 4200 in the whole affair. Thus, in this case, you can easily calculate how much you will win or lose in the transaction. This method can also be used for a meeting of world trade by counting the total number of seeds, and then use them to calculate the profit or loss of the trading session.

To succeed in the Forex market, you need to combine the skills and techniques developed through research and 90% of people not only because they do not have access to tips and techniques that are used by traders forex experts.

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