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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Golden Trading Tips and Guidelines in Commodity Markets

This is a process that requires thorough analysis and  Plan A Happy Investing!

Forex trading 2013
Historically, trade in goods supplied large fortune in the world. E 'was born centuries ago, even before the stock market, also listed below in a different way, not like today started to exist in electronic commerce. I have often quoted that "if the markets speculative trading, equity and is for children, but for Commodities and Forex Men" (no sexism intended). Creating wealth is not a matter of luck. This is a process that requires thorough analysis and time-consuming. Plan your game and then play your plan. Happy Investing!
The similarity of Stocks & Commodities begins and ends at the point where the two markets are speculative, but there are many differences between these two markets. Unlike the stock market, where to get a good effort to make everything worse see commercial value, for various reasons, the values ​​of the goods they see corrections in capital letters, but in the end to rise again over time, continues to be the 'intrinsic create relationships imbalance between supply and demand in more demand than supply, because many factors such as population growth, the growth of the economies and better lifestyle to name a few. All negative geopolitical tensions, wars, climate imbalance and other man-made disasters, etc. moves markets generally grow the prices of raw materials (in particular the instruments scenarios shelter Agro-Commodities sure as hell), mainly due to the distinguishing feature that these products are Ready for the normal requirements of a normal life, and not just investment companies. Most of the products will take on the world and market manipulation in its sold almost impossible, as we have seen in many instruments of capital, the handling is much easier and more instances of deception are endemic merchants.
Mass affluence is possible through commodity trading and investment, if done in the right way and the rigid discipline. But if done incorrectly, which was usually followed by the way, there will be heavy losses. You can start trading or investing with small amounts, but it would require deep pockets to make a modest career in commodities trading, and to continue the "mark to market" volatility. Gains and losses are proportionally much larger or smaller over time. Now I want to do a couple of things to highlight, and not to do the most basic habits seen and perhaps unconsciously, he faces the mistakes I've observed in most of the dealers, and sometimes compared to the commercial market goods market analyst and consultant.
1] does not run with disgust, half or trust. You can go through repeated small losses, but if you're afraid of the markets, or if they are notoriously difficult brave and foolhardy.
2] Be patient when negotiating positions consistent with the right provided for maximum profits and benefits improvise again and again stop loss level to extract. Not to be pessimistic here, or you can book profits early and perhaps later regret leaving earlier. This can lead to time and again in the same place at different levels and on several occasions a small investment in a panic, the build undermine the principles of small gains and losses. It is not that you are good or bad, is important, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you are wrong, and that makes the difference between winners and losers.
3] can not be optimistic if it has been proposed operations to a stop-loss level, and to ensure that from there. You can learn more losses lose business every day, and several illicit top in past transactions.
4] do not discuss open positions for one and all. This will get you nowhere, and that everything was to present their points of view on it (well informed or not) often confused and business decisions seem so stupid and quickly accepted. He had heard only once ...
5] do not develop a tendency to be a bull or a bear in these markets. There is only one side of the market, and neither side or lateral Bear Bull - but only on the right side at the right time. The trend is king, so as to maintain at all times.
6] may know that thou. In a bad situation and get out quickly, in a deep well when you need to pray for relief from higher losses for any increase or decrease in a job that will give you more
7] According to an analyst, director or consultant in a time when more guidance is very confusing. You can select or search for an alternative direction when the previous policy has proven not to be less productive or loss, but at the same time.
8] Be honest with yourself and hope or pray for something else, or the reality of the current situation other than deception.
9] There is nothing like a great and incredible soaring profits Ingredients night when the gain seen by many as a potential customer. Yes, there is a significant advancement and profitability for a disciplined trader you can return the exact opposite, or worse yet, a lack of discipline. Do not give up acting under no illusions about becoming a millionaire overnight that market. Never happen. In fact, all that has now lost.
10] does not borrow or trade with funds that you do not get or pump more funds for lending to profitable trades in a vertical position. Exchange of principal only ones able and willing to completely lose spiritually or in the worst case.
11] never act or to enter / exit positions panic. Volatility is an operation part of the commercial market and will be there most of the time.
12] No part of rumors or guide or mislead. Monitor and verify the source of legitimacy.
13] Do not approach people who used to say "I told you. - See today" These are the same people who never have to write, and would never share something about their views, their own money, and in do not really have a view or knowledge. I'm just mushrooms on a ego trip, maintenance or the collection of information available anywhere, regardless of reliability, absorbed all together and spread the news of recent formation. If what they say is wrong, they disappear and you can not see or, if there is now strong opinions and the reasons for the rule could not happen, because these people are very good Conveners and blessed with the gift of speech and hearing these characters Their opinions are very dangerous, as he always said the sage - .. "Half knowledge is always the most dangerous," "Ignorance is a blessing," and "Blessed are those who are. From a Specialist"
14] Do not try to be a trendsetter, or the first to know that a traffic passed. Nobody can be that by sheer luck, the best-selling or buying the best - why try? You may end up losing a lot of money in place. Follow the trend and make profits respectable "silent."
15] does not give the commodity markets, stock market of ideas. Although both markets are speculative, there is an important difference between the two, and usually have the patterns and the rules of thumb with respect to the commercial, as described above.
16] provide records of past performance is not a mandatory standard for analysts and consultants, and the same information (if enabled) can be misleading, because it can be produced at the end of the day to fool potential customers. Do not try to find something which can be confused and take the wrong road, which ends at a loss - goes in the form of money and trust. After the signature of the dealer are the same people who show amazing results in their websites, but poor results in real time, not to be available later for a discussion or even may say the beginning, "Past performance is no guarantee of future success . "How (not for a day or two) to take a test for a couple of weeks or a month directly replace the paper and leave only the exhibitions. Evaluate the authenticity of the quality of research and support real-time trading on the basis of live and the results obtained in the past. Most of these documents may be wrong. It 'better to pay for the test and get to the right conclusion, instead of losing a large amount of capital for the faith of trade produces research and impressed by the previous behavior.
17] "trade without stop loss and continue to make big profits is the talent - do not try, it is intelligence" is the practice of stop-loss to their advantage, as this section. significant and not every change of tickets for bags, added just for fun. If its operations and move in opposite directions on the directions entry, you can move more quickly in a volatile and losses accumulated in the absence of a stop loss, can be unthinkable. There are many things that happen in the world is constantly influencing price, volume and trade of raw materials because basically move to the situation of supply and demand and are strongly influenced by geopolitical scenarios. It is not humanly possible to follow all cases, regular start economic data around the world and to the extent of the impact on commercial traffic, and the direction of all the products to understand, but it is possible that the updates in the majority of developments, most of the time. Several times, the reaction or the consequences of these events are triggered large and rapid changes instantly so rapid and massive in the interest rates of high volatility, even before the news of these events from all over the world to come. In such a scenario, one can never, could go level at which such operations and losses know (although durable, etc.) can be very important these losses are not the only losses that are incurred, if caught in this situation -. miss the opportunity, it is the same product in the opposite direction and also for other industries as most of their attention and resources are now concentrated and trapped in this trade that went wrong offered Remember -. The increase in wealth is important, but capital preservation is important to secure. It 's easier to resist and absorb losses at the beginning than later.
18] an average loss of leadership is a practice that is more common, and usually leads to loss dangerous. This is also suggested by a number of consultants, but definitely not recommended. In fact, I'm totally against. Remember - you suffer a loss and not your advisor.
19] all your eggs in one or two baskets could be more dangerous to the day trader. Do you have a broader investment universe or trading range would be more effective. All transactions are inserted never go wrong at the same time, but a stray one or two, and could, if only sold in it? It may also be one or two trades that you are writing to move in the right direction, but not the results or benefits expected levels, which have been omitted to compare. Therefore, not only recommended, and insisted - that the dealer has to take positions in a wide range of opportunities for trade / investment in order to achieve the best results.
20] are not biased to a particular product. All products (sound trading volume) the prospects for profit and not on behalf of the British or the social status of goods.
21] Always remember - "You can use the ideas of the past in today's business world, and expects to be in business tomorrow." Be willing to accept and implement change immediately and systematically as "change" is the only factor that is constant in the world - everything is changing, and its meaning is even more so in these scenarios the market very volatile and changeable.

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