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Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Ordinary People Grow Their Money in Safe Trading Business

Real investors can not participate in high-risk securities .


Forex trading 2013

Rate regimes exchange short-term harm to the common people in the development of our money. Check the latest stock market crash. Even the rich who can afford to lose, put your fingers (or digits) suffered severe burns, do not say that the ordinary people in this economic tsunami. What ... Warren Buffett recently lost 21% of its value in this crisis.
Even as intelligent and wise man could not protect its value and was to thank you so much churn attacks. But afford to lose, not the people! Ordinary people, like the majority, deserve safer or have the means to make our money grow in this period of inactivity, high inflation, unemployment, stress and risk business environment.
Chi (financial institution or company) who could invent a safer environment or market operators and to manage with integrity, will not fail to seize this large group of the world's population in this age of the Internet connection. Must take into account the system of exchange rates in effect for the interests of the mass of the population will be useful for us.
In general, there are speculators and the original investors in the stock markets. We have tools for real estate investors who can not pay may be down or be flooded by the tsunami of financial protection. The cause of the financial tsunami created by unscrupulous people who could pass unaudited financial results economic principles, lax financial. In each trading day of the action of large and intelligent speculators dominate. While maintaining the real estate investors in the securities markets higher potential returns on our investments would be safer instruments.
Protection of genuine investors is very important because it is the truth, I'm sure that the financial system will bring happiness. Investor protection may take the form of a separation of investor speculation sand or handling. Investors are real estate investors have small numbers. Real investors can not participate in high-risk securities or riding in the speculative nature of the operation. True if investors are willing to risk a large amount of capital that must be protected.
Phase 1:
Create human psychology and the study of motivation, limits and controls for the protection of investors, real or not a negative outcome in the circumstances.
Speculators can continue trading on the current market, options trading, margin trading, etc., because many of them are enriched with the current system, and can afford to lose their appetite to satisfy higher risk and higher profits.
Step 2:
Current yields on safer financial instruments are low and may be less than inflation. Financial institutions that offer these products such as savings accounts, term deposits, term deposits, bonds, etc., where the use of technology to increase productivity and efficiency, and therefore capable of transmitting more profitability high for ordinary people.
Step 3:
Provides a safe environment for trade with ordinary people. Safe environment can be done with certain types of restrictions and controls. The ideal is a kind of investment fund that extends to infinity and for each cycle will be affordable.
For example, when shares of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is driven in a better world, are too expensive to be a good majority of the population! If something is not a good use of the mass, it is important for ordinary people. Microsoft products, if this is not everyone's favorite is expensive and is still useful products for millions of people.
Therefore, there are ways for ordinary people to grow their money. A financial institutions such as banks, to "automate" the process of their movement, which reduces overhead, which leads to a communication service to high performance. Banks take the responsibility, in accordance with the maintenance of public confidence.
Second, we find a safer environment for negotiation. This can have a huge political will of the nations, comes into force.
Third, the increase in serious business or financial experts, which aims to make money from an ordinary man trying to lose weight, and unsecured. It is easier to make secure transactions.

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