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Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Trade the Forex Market With a Peace of Mind

If you take it as professional with confidence that gives  high gain.

Forex trading 2013
Although time forex exchange market, or do you think that I will not only help you become a better professional, but also to trade with confidence that gives this simple advice: be very long term traders with a high gain period.I believe that to be a good trader permanent and profitable, you have to change in the long term. Short-term traders and day traders and retailers can succeed in the short term, but in the end they had to overcome (putting it mildly) long-term traders because they are on a huge disadvantage compared to operators of long duration.This is due to the fact that short-term traders are trying to cut their losses early, usually within a day or two, regardless of the possibility that the price could go back and spend in the future. Yes, this is a reasonable and responsible to deny their loss is too big and bulky. But at the same time to close a losing position, you have to realize that the loss is final and can not be compensated in the sense that you can not go to the dealer and say, "Oh, I'm not going to close the position. Could you my money? "On the other hand, if you decide to change in the long term, you can always cover their positions after losses reach a certain level and wait for the price to return to its current level for another opportunity to view the operation of the original. Thus, it is not necessary to "credit", which, like the pages of short-term losses merchant. What is the advantage of a long-term trader's short-term trader.Historical data clearly confirm this. As an exercise, always casually all price levels for each currency pair in the last 10 years. Looking at the monthly and weekly chart to calculate how much time to return to this level after a random from the sample. You may be surprised to know that more than 90% of the time value "disappears" in the final battle.Knowledge of the long-term trend of the exchange rate in the long term traders can work with confidence that short-term traders. It also serves to support the prevailing mood among experienced operators "Forex is not a get rich quick scheme, but slow and steady wins the race."When I started out as a trader, you tend to do with short-term and simply "can not, because they have the patience to be a long-term operator. I learned my lesson and I know that if you are really serious about the business full-time currency exchange can not afford to be short-term traders. You must be patient, long-term operators who are calm.

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