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Thursday, April 11, 2013

You Have to Beware Forex Trading Frauds

Currency trading fraud should be considered.

Forex trading 2013
There is no doubt that there are many scams in the world of forex currency trading. Many traders who have been victims of fraud. If you do not want to become victims of any form of currency fraud in his career as a forex trader, the following six common currency trading fraud should be considered.
unregistered agent Cheat Registered as a regulator is one of the signs that the broker is not a scam. If you say that these are real broker, but they believe that they are not regulated by any regulatory authority, you can be sure that they are fraud.
2 Some managers are scam forex account Many beginners tend to think that retailers have a forex account service manager a better solution than by their own means. Unfortunately, the number of fraud customer service far exceeds the number of executives in professional and reliable accounts. If you want to be successful in the Forex market, you need to learn and practice a lot. Trust your hard-earned money to other people if you are willing to lose their money. If you really need to use the services of a personal manager to do your due diligence and expert advice.
3 Most people who sell forex system scam Often you can sell people advertising various forex systems. Similarities are all to claim that their trading system, which is 1000% return on a permanent basis. If you are good at finding such real exchange system is 99% fraud. Many professional traders get a six figure income, have the training and test various trading strategies for a number of years. Improve your skills and strategies forex through training and practice a lot and be able to gain a significant advantage in creating your own trading system.
4 automated trading robots and systems scams Can some sell've heard about making money with automated systems and robots requirements. Unfortunately, most people lose money when using the robot. Even robots can be programmed to meet specific requirements, can not be offset for dynamic forex market. Why Robot Scam? The first reason, which is often very cheap prices from $ 20 selling for $ 4000. Now ask yourself, is it logical to have a reliable system for $ 20? The second reason, if you own a working group or a robot system, sold it to others? To be honest, there really are some robots that work in different market conditions, but there is a robot that works for all market conditions.
5 Most services cheater signal As a signal service is really like to work with robots. Provides trading signals for traders. But the same question why the owner of the service signal to sell, if you can win some serious money trading for their service to their signals in 99%, right? In addition, he noted that most traders use a signal service, do not know how their business generates suggestions.
6 Some brokers Cheat
Very common for people to wonder if the broker A, B or C, to find fraud. The painful truth is that some brokers are also scams. Cheat their customers so that their customers do not realize that they were deceived. The most common method of cheating brokers conducted by an increase in spreads. An example is the normal spreads usually 2-3 grain, but dishonest brokers offer spreads of 7-8 points. For the merchant, 7 core is not much, maybe, but if a dishonest broker has 5,000 clients so you know how much practice deception makes runners.
Final Note Fraud is real, and there are plenty of scams. Remember the aforementioned six common scams to avoid forex scams on the road.

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